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A BlackBerry Vendor Portal Report Exporter.

This page exists to demonstrate the usefulness of this project by providing a working Demo.

What is this?

A http client written in php to automate the export of BlackBerry Vendor Portal reports. This does not include any visualization.

For more information on why this exists and how to use it please visit the BBStats GitHub Page.

Live Demo

Rest assured that we are not saving or logging any of your data!

If you want to use this in production please install it on your own server. The PHP source code is available under MIT License on GitHub).


We (and probably you too) don't want your actual admin login data to float around in the web!

Thus we suggest you create a limited BlackBerry user account which can only create reports.

Let's do it:

  1. Login to your admin account in the ISV Portal.
  2. Click on "Users"
  3. Click on "+ New User" in the top right
  4. Fill in the credentials and choose "Report Generate/View" as User Role. Attention: BlackBerry does not allow passwords with more than 20 characters!
  5. Click "+ Add"
  6. Now it gets tricky. BlackBerry will not allow you to login with that account unless it´s linked to a BlackBerry ID.
    If you have a spare BlackBerry ID then link it or create a new BB ID here.
  7. Login with your new BlackBerry ID. Don't forget to click the email confirmation link first.
  8. Go to the ISV Portal login page and link your new BB ID to your new vendor account.
  9. Try to login.
  10. Your login attempt succeeded?
    Great, you´re ready to try the demo!


This demo shows only some features of the project. Check out the BBStats GitHub page for more information.

Please don't overuse this. Each demo call issues a bunch of requests and BlackBerry may not like us doing too many of them from one IP.

*Use "all" as app ID to generate a report for all your apps.
*Choose if applicable.